Thích Trí Siêu

Venerable Thich Tri Sieu was born in 1962 in Saigon, Viet Nam. He became buddhist monk in 1985 and received the complete ordination (bhikshu) in the Mahayana tradition in 1987 from the Most Ven. Thich Huyen-Vi, the Abbot of Linh Son Monastery in Joinville-le-Pont, Paris. 

After his training, he continued his research and practice under the guidance of Masters from various Buddhist traditions such as Theravada, Zen, and Vajrayana. Currently he is traveling worldwide giving teachings and meditation retreats to the Vietnamese Buddhist communities in Europe and North America.

The Ven.Thich Tri Sieu's publications


The Four Foundations of Mindfulness
The Buddhist Way of Giving
The Mahamudra
In Search of The I
To Save The Mother Earth
Which Way of Buddhism ?
Teachings’ Collection
Mental, Sentimental and Physical
Spirit and Ego
The Endless Stream of Life
Karmic Creditor


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